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Equipment Issues
I had recently purchased a Korg Volca Sample, and with my ignorance also bought the Audiobox 22VSL (which is not line level) with hopes of recording the audio from the Volca to Ableton. With the issues of buying the Audiobox, it led me to having to buy a DI Box (my current is LiveWire Passive).So, I set it up, having my:Korg Volca (1/8 to 1/4 Y Cable) -> In/Out (Parallel) on my Livewire DI with the Output (Female XLR to 1/4) -> Instrument Preamp on the Audiobox 22VSLIve followed every step in Ableton to hear the Audio from the Korg being playing back (in Ableton) but yet I dont hear anything.Is there something im doing wrong? Is my setup with the DI box not correct?
Please help! I dont want to feel like my purchase of the Korg Volca Sample to be a waste!

Please help.

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